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– European Dining Etiquette Tutorial–

Add value and make a difference

How to increase your personal brand, gain self-confidence and project an excellent image

Dubai, 22 February 2018 – Registration is now open

Only a few seats available

Registration until 10th December 2017 depending on availability


This video corresponds to the Spanish version in Madrid ( in Dubai the course will be taught in one day in English)

Would you like to increase the value of your personal brand?

Do you know how your image can influence your results?

Would you like to gain confidence in socio-professional situations?

Have you always desired to learn Protocol but did not find the moment?

Are you starting a new project and want to give the best of yourself?


Protocol is an art that can be trained. The person who knows Protocol and etiquette is capable of creating the right environment so all the people feel truly welcomed. People with knowledge on Protocol are distinguished in their companies, with clients, with friends and in family.

What will you learn?

Business Protocol

  • Business Protocol Manual
  • Receiving Visits
  • Working Meetings, Orders of Precedence and Seating Arrangements

International Protocol

  • Cross-Cultural Challenges 
  • Signing Contracts Ceremony
  • International Negotiations

Social Protocol

  • Greetings and Presentations
  • Social Skills
  • Etiquette


  • The 4 key points of your image
  • Use of Voice
  • Non Verbal Communication


  • The 2 Pillars of Elegance
  • The Decalogue of Knowing How to Dress
  • The 14 Laws of Elegance

European Dining Etiquette

  • 3 Aspects on the Table
  • 25 Common Mistakes
  • Working Luncheon

What will you receive?

Cursos de Protocolo Imagen y EtiquetaYou will gain self-confidence and credibility in social and business events and meetings

 Cursos de Protocolo Imagen y EtiquetaYou will know the keys for a successful image and you will enhance your professional appearance

Cursos de Protocolo Imagen y EtiquetaYou will improve your social and business skills: receiving, greeting, presenting, communicating

Cursos de Protocolo Imagen y EtiquetaYou will learn how to use Protocol as a strategic tool in your social and professional life

Cursos de Protocolo Imagen y EtiquetaYou will project elegance at the table and while walking

Cursos de Protocolo Imagen y EtiquetaYou will enjoy learning in a beautiful Hotel

Cursos de Protocolo Imagen y EtiquetaA delicious coffee break and an exquisite lunch is included as part of the training

Cursos de Protocolo Imagen y EtiquetaYou will receive study material and a certificate of attendance

After all, it will always have been worth coming

A unique course brought from Spain designed for one day, condensing the most important information that you can apply in your daily life quickly and easily. We do not know another course like this, that offers so much in such a short time and in this way.

Would you like to live this experience?


  • People who wish to improve their understanding of business and social protocol and etiquette in order to achieve the best results socially and professionally.


  • We recommend a smart casual dress code.


  • This training course will be held in English. Conducted by Yolanda Pérez, Managing Director.


  • Melia Dubai, 5 star Hotel


  • 22 February 2018


  • Thursday 9am-15pm


  • 690€ approx. 2990 AED

    *VAT is not included and not charged.
    *Applies for registrations & payments by 10th December 2017. Do not miss the opportunity to register with the early registration to save money. 

INCLUDED: Working luncheon, coffee break, study material, souvenir photo and certificate of attendance.

CONDUCTED by: Yolanda Pérez

Due to the limited number of places, we would encourage you to register your interest by emailing us at as early as possible as places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Yolanda Pérez protocolo


Yolanda Pérez is Managing Director of Casa de Protocolo. She is also a Hotel Consultant on Service Excellence and trainer on Protocol, Image and Etiquette. She is a creator of effective methods to establish a powerful image, where improvement and social skills go hand in hand to develop an elegant image.
These methods are the result of years of work, designed as courses-experiences in a way that allows to raise a personal and professional image in a successful way. In them, Yolanda Pérez has tried to combine her experience in Protocol, Image and Etiquette developed in places like Madrid, Amsterdam, The Hague, Brussels and London.
Yolanda Pérez is also a Translator and Interpreter certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Spain. She carries out programs specialized in Protocol, both in Spain and abroad, and travels throughout the world advising businessmen, politicians, journalists, translators, Embassy members, professionals, officials and individuals from multiple countries.


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