Curso de Protocolo

I English Edition
With luncheon and cocktail practice

Add value and make a difference

How to increase the value of your brand, gain self-confidence and project the best image

Business Protocol, International Diplomacy
Elegance, Composure and Social Etiquette

Madrid, 17 & 18 November 2018 – Registration is now open

This course is in English

Would you like to increase the value of your personal brand?

Do you know how your image can influence your results?

Do you feel lack of confidence in social life and professional situations?

Do you start a new project and want to give the best of yourself?

¿What will you learn?

Business Protocolo

  • Internal Manual of Protocol
  • Receiving Visits
  • Business Meetings

International Protocol

  • Cross-Cultural Challenges
  • Signing Contracts
  • International Visits

Official Protocol

  • Official Ranking
  • Flags
  • Rules of Precedence

Social Protocol

  • Greetings and Introductions
  • Social Skills
  • Cocktail (practice)

Personal Image

  • 4 Key points on the Personal Image
  • Use of Voice
  • Non Verbal Communication


  • The Decalogue: Dress Code
  • The 8 Points Rule
  • The Core Basics of any Wardrobe


  • 2 Pillars of Elegance
  • The Art of Walking
  • 14 Laws for Elegance

Dinning Etiquette

  • 3 Keys at the Table
  • 25 Common Mistakes
  • Luncheon (practice)

Benefits from the Training Course

Cursos de Protocolo Imagen y EtiquetaYou will improve your social and professional skills: receiving, greeting, communicating…

 Cursos de Protocolo Imagen y EtiquetaYou will learn how to use Protocol as a strategic tool in your social and professional life

Cursos de Protocolo Imagen y EtiquetaYou will know how to project elegance in cocktails and at the table because you will practice it during these two days

Cursos de Protocolo Imagen y EtiquetaYou will learn solid principles of Official, Business, International and Social Protocol

Cursos de Protocolo Imagen y EtiquetaYou will expand your social circle and your potential market

Cursos de Protocolo Imagen y EtiquetaYou will enjoy learning in a beautiful 18th century Palace

Cursos de Protocolo Imagen y EtiquetaYou will break some barriers and beliefs related to Protocol

Cursos de Protocolo Imagen y EtiquetaCoffee Breaks, luncheon and cocktail at the Hotel are included

After all, it will always be worth coming

This course is unique in Spain and has been designed for 2 days, condensing the most important information that you can apply in your day to day quickly and easily. We do not know another similar course, which offers so much in such a short time and in this way.

Would you like to live this Experience?

Date: 17 & 18 November, 2018 (Saturday & Sunday from 9h to 16h)

Location: Hotel Catalonia Las Cortes ****. Calle del Prado Nº6 (Plaza de Santa Ana), Madrid  –  Metro Sol (Spain)

Cost: 890€

Included: Luncheon (practice), cocktail (practice), coffee breaks, souvenir photo and certificate.



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